More Postcards from Turkey
Eleven more watercolors, complete my impressions of Turkey. These focus more on my feelings toward the women, children and men we met while traveling.

These fundamentalist Muslim women in Konya, wearing heavy coats and scarves oudoors on the hottest days, were surprising to my western eyes.

The dervishes living in the Mevlana monastery were also scholars and devotees who practiced mysicism, including the whirling rituals


These women could be mourning departed the eartquake victims, or passing an evening quietly, or watching an after-wedding dance fesivity, or watching others at work baking bread. 

With painstaking care and patience, Turkish women tat lace, weave carpets and make a variety of labor-intensive handicrafts.

Village children tend to flock in front of me wherever I am painting, with wide curious eyes and the joy children usually express. These kids took my thru a local underground city dug centuries ago.

Near Fetiye are many unecavated ruins buried under farmland. The ancient City of Tlos is exposed, at least these baths, and an interesting nearby colluseum.

The central plaza of Selcuk mixes a modern pool and sculpture with an ancient aqueduct, where the public can dine and drink pleasantly under heavy summer sky.

Erjon was the mate on our cruise boat. Vigourous, a capable seaman, helpfully caring for the passengers on our ten day shoreside cruise. Each evening he phoned his wife and chlld using his cell phone from the boat.

Murat cooked delicious quisine for twelve passengers ten days without repeating any major recipes. Fresh tomatoes, tasty and tender are inexpensive and plentiful. No wonder they form the basis for many meals, including breakfasts.

The calm water, exquisite weather, and scenic interesting stopovers, attract vacationers to the thousands of cruise boats like this one on the southeast coast of Turkey

We were able to swim or dinghy to shore for visits to ancient ruins or delightful beaches

The graceful design of samovars, urns and pictures interested me enought to admire these designs which i painted in antique shops, museums, and private homes 

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