The coast between Santa Cruz and San Francisco is known for the busy Boardwalk, popular beaches, lovely homes, surfing and nude beaches. But these photos are quiet places less visited, perhaps more scenic. 100 miles of relatively deserted, undeveloped natural shoreline. Click the first thumbnail, then follow the arrows.

AnoNuevoRain Beachchild Capitola Davenport DevilsSlide
AnoNuevoRain.jpg Beachchild.jpg Capitola.jpg Davenport.jpg DevilsSlide.jpg
HalfMoonBaySnag MonarchButterfly MossBeach Native PebbleBeach
HalfMoonBaySnag.jpg MonarchButterfly.jpg MossBeach.jpg Native.jpg PebbleBeach.jpg
Pescadero PigeonPointLight Seals Surf Writer
Pescadero.jpg PigeonPointLight.jpg Seals.jpg Surf.jpg Writer.jpg

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