1. Mevlana Dervish
  2. Whirling
  3. Songster
  4. Mevlana Miss
  5. Istanbul Sunrise
  6. Backgammon
  7. Aya Sofya
  8. Bakers
  9. Blue Mosque
  10. Basilica Cistern
  11. Richest Man
  12. Smoker
  13. Man ~ EasternTurkey
  14. Antalya  
  15. Lycian Coast  
  16. Cove Morning  
  17. Lycian Sarcophagus  
  18. Aqueduct  
  19. Fisherwoman  
  20. Fisherman  
  21. Kekova  
  22. Selkuk Sunrise  
  23. Mevlana Muzesi (Museum)
  24. Mevlana Pilgrims  
  25. Goreme
  26. Underground City
  27. Hikmos Strums
  28. Hikmos's Father
  29. Carpet Weaver
  30. Hamam

As a watercolor artist traveling in Turkey, I created paintings of religious and cultural life from Istanbul, the Turquoise Coast and Cappadocia! The country is colorful, fascinating, rich with memories of past civilizations, cultures, and religions, and is a playground for foreign visitors.

In 1999, my partner, Phyllis, and I traveled the path taken by travelers for thousands of years. Despite the sadness of the earthquake, we enjoyed our five-week exploration in Turkey, where I painted and mailed these postcard-sized watercolors. They are shown here in full size but low resolution. Later, I will add postcards painted in other countries too.

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