New Zealand Photos by Dan Hawthorn

I first met Clint when he was staring intently at a computer displaying a slide show of several hundred slides of mine, he didn't want to be interrupted, instant friendship! In addition to which I value his company and who he is. -Dan Hawthorne, photographer.

I am nearly sixty and I have been walking, boating, kayaking and wandering up and down New Zealand for my lifetime. The land and coast gives me a sense of joy, belonging and peace. Taking pictures of it is something I have recently returned to and the key to it is what you will not see, the almost meditative attention that comes as I look at the world with an eye to seeing what photographs are there. Most of what I shoot is deleted (and deservedly so) but the focused attention that went with shooting it is a deep reward in itself whatever the shot and the outcome. I also get a sense of pleased surprise and affirmation when people tell me they find pleasure in my work. I find New Zealand endlessly interesting and beautiful, as I get older there is a certain urgency, there is so much more of it I want to see.

I have a CD of 1400 New Zealand images that makes a rather wonderful screen saver. I find I still get distracted into sitting watching and enjoying them when I have work to get on with, and I have seen them all several times over! I have not done anything about marketing it but if you are interested send an email to me and I can run off individual copies for $US30 and postage. .......... return to

 P1014003c Auckland Harbour Cov#235F85 Cavalli Ils sandy bay Central Plateau Maun#235F93 DSC01406c DSC02467c
P1014003c.jpg Auckland Harbour Cov#235F85.jpg Cavalli Ils sandy bay.jpg Central Plateau Maun#235F93.jpg DSC01406c.jpg DSC02467c.jpg
DSC04000 DSC04003 DSC04788 DSC04881c DSC04975c Franz Joseph Glacier#235FAB
DSC04000.jpg DSC04003.jpg DSC04788.jpg DSC04881c.jpg DSC04975c.jpg Franz Joseph Glacier#235FAB.jpg
Franz Joseph bush stream Kaipara North Head contour Manakau Sth Head inc#235FB2 Milford fishing off #235FF5 Muriwai Gannets nesting 3 Okura dripping rock
Franz Joseph bush stream.jpg Kaipara North Head contour.jpg Manakau Sth Head inc#235FB2.jpg Milford fishing off #235FF5.jpg Muriwai Gannets nesting 3.jpg Okura dripping rock.jpg
Otaneroa kayaks on beach P1014143cO P1014153cO P1014219-O P1017171cO P1018198c
Otaneroa kayaks on beach.jpg P1014143cO.jpg P1014153cO.jpg P1014219-O.jpg P1017171cO.jpg P1018198c.jpg
Pararaha - Entrance swamp Pinacles cliff 5 Whatipu unsupported weight ok stone bal 2    
Pararaha - Entrance swamp.jpg Pinacles cliff 5.jpg Whatipu unsupported weight.jpg ok stone bal 2.jpg