INDIA'93 Calcutta, BohdGaya, Varanasi, Naini Tal, Hardwar, Pushcar in Rajastan . . . Exotic places beckoned and we came. First, click on BohdGayaParade, and scroll to see the wide photo by moving the slider at page bottom (because this photo is ten times as wide as it is high). Then scroll back and click on the forward arrows through India. 

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AAABohdGayaParade AAThaiTemple ABHousing ABohdiTree ABuddhistNights ACBiharVillage ACowPies AVillageGirls BSpinning BVillageFestival CABarbershop
AAABohdGayaParade.jpg AAThaiTemple.jpg ABHousing.jpg ABohdiTree.jpg ABuddhistNights.jpg ACBiharVillage.jpg ACowPies.jpg AVillageGirls.jpg BSpinning.jpg BVillageFestival.jpg CABarbershop.jpg
CVegetableMkt Calcutta EVaranasi EVaranasifromabove FSariSuburb GBengalTigerHunt GBoatsNainiTal GNainiTal GOneWaySt GShoppers1 GWomen
CVegetableMkt.jpg Calcutta.jpg EVaranasi.jpg EVaranasifromabove.jpg FSariSuburb.jpg GBengalTigerHunt.jpg GBoatsNainiTal.jpg GNainiTal.jpg GOneWaySt.jpg GShoppers1.jpg GWomen.jpg
HCarrying MMeeting MaharajahPalace NSaddhus PCamels PastGlories Pushcar SnakeCharmer StreetPrincess    
HCarrying.jpg MMeeting.jpg MaharajahPalace.jpg NSaddhus.jpg PCamels.jpg PastGlories.jpg Pushcar.jpg SnakeCharmer.jpg StreetPrincess.jpg