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I like to share the diversity and joy that comes into my life, much of it in travel drawings and watercolors. Help yourself! If you want prints or to join my email list, ask me by email. I intend to keep adding as long as I am able.

Mexico\'88, California Coast, More Cactus, New Zealand

Art, Travel

Turkey MoreTurkeyBangladesh IrelandNorthern IrelandIndia Nepal USSR\'89EstoniaFinlandStPetersburg India AgainMexico\'88 


December ColorsBaylandsSedona Nacimiento Big Sur RhododendronsBALIBali Cremation Ceremony Cactus More CactusFlowers Columbia Gorge California Coast

Guest Artist

Dan Hawthorn\'s New Zealand 


My Mother Dickens Faire Kid\'s Movie Katharine\'sArt DavidSwim Pool

Jennies 40thDelyte LodgeWisconsin PlaytimeDecember\'01 • Pt Reyes JohnKent BD More Party 2005

Special Other Stuff

Motley CampoutMotley 2004Tahoe 03Merry Pranksters Terry\'s party 04Old Growth Forest

Marsh WeddingMarsh Reception Montreal 2001

Peace Demonstrations

Peace Demo 2nd Peace DemoPalo Alto Peace DemoEugene,Oregon 

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